because stories shape us all

Hello and welcome.


Calm yourselves, we’re still here. We’ve, which is to say I’ve, just been a bit dormant recently.

Following a change in employment (the Mobile Librarian is now a Stakeholder Liaison Officer), spare time has been at something of a premium over the last few months. However, there are interviews previously recorded which I will start to release over the next few weeks, and then, as we move further into 2018, TBF will start becoming more productive again.


I want to say a quick thank you to all the people getting in touch to ask to be interviewed. I’m not quite sure how TBF has started to be noticed in the US, but it has, so that’s nice. I would imagine it’s people looking to escape the Trump fiasco, but TBF isn’t a political entity, so I won’t. As I’ve mentioned in all my replies, I’ll be in touch over the next few months to start arranging some interviews.


Anyway, if you’ve not been here before, ignore all the above, just go straight to the podcasts page and get stuck in.


If you have, welcome back. I’ve missed you too.