Series 1, episode 14


It's our third Skype podcast and this week it's the lovely Ann-Marie Howell. A public sector worker by day, we talk to Ann-Marie about her writing, her agent and about a certain writing course that she'd highly recommend.

Running time:  42.05

We really enjoyed recording this podcast. Ann-Marie had warned her children not to interrupt us even if the house was on fire, and they were as good as their word. A Skype recording, the connection didn't drop out once!


Atkinson, Kate - Life After Life

Blyton, Enid - The Ship of Adventure

Chevalier, Tracy - Remarkable Creatures

Conran, Shirley - Lace

Evans, Kathryn - More of Me

Fitzgerald, F. Scott - The Great Gatsby

Hargrave, Kiran Millwood - The Girl of Ink and Stars

Heaberlin, Julia - Black Eyed Susan's

Johncock, Benjamin - The Last Pilot

Lockart, E - We Were Liars

McEwan, Ian - Atonement

Tartt, Donna - The Goldfinch