Beth Lewis

Series 3, Episode 1

It's the opener for Series 3, so we went big. Beth Lewis is an author (debut novel The Wolf Road is EPIC), an editor (Titan Books), an oath maker (though not breaker(listen to find out more)) and a former Fire Eater.

I want to allay any concerns you may have right now, yes, of course I asked about the fire eating.

I spoke to Beth a couple of months ago, and part of this podcast was featured on my radio show.

Running time: 55.23


Banks, Iain (M.) - Transition, The Algebraist

Barker, Clive - Weaveworld, Imajica

Harkaway, Nick - The Gone Away World

Johnson, B. S - Christie Malry's Own Double Entry

King, Stephen - IT, Misery

Lukianenko, Serguei - Night Watch, Day Watch

Matheson, Richard - I Am Legend

Mitchell, David - Cloud Atlas