Series 1, episode 4


Episode 4 brings us back closer to home with fellow librarian, Cath Hancox. From Sir Terry Pratchett to Stephen Fry to Frankenstein, take a peek inside the mind of another ThankBookFor member.

Running time: 48.17


Canavan, Trudy - Black Magician Trilogy

Coben, Harlen - Tell No One

Eddings, David - Belgariad & Mallorean series

Forster, E.M. - Maurice; A Room With a View

Fry, Stephen - The Liar; The Stars' Tennis Balls

Galbraith, Robert - Career of Evil

McCullough, Colleen - The Thorn Birds

Maupin, Armistead - Maybe the Moon

Moore, Alan - Watchmen; League of Extraordinary

Gentleman; V for Vendetta

Pratchett, Terry - Discworld series

Shelley, Mary - Frankenstein

Gemma's Watchmen Confession

If you look to the left, you can see Gemma did indeed introduce liquid of some kind to the copy of Watchmen Cath was kind enough to lend her.


If you look to the right, you can see Cath owns a miniature Easter Island Head statue and a rather lovely pair of curtains. Oh, and a slightly out of focus pristine copy of Watchmen.