Series 2, episode 2

ThankBookFor took a trip to London to do some very exciting podcasts. First up was the very exciting, and hugely talented, Catherine Webb.

As well as being a first class author, Catherine is also a purveyor of fine pseudonyms. Big thanks to Islington Library for letting us record there.

Running time: 51.21

Back in London again, this time we were in Islington Library. Claire inadvertently met us outside the tube station while we were trying to utilise modern technology to take us where we needed to go, and kindly walked us there. Fun fact: It's her second favourite library on the planet!


Banks, Iain M. - The Culture Books

Dick, Philip K - A Scanner Darkly

Le Guin, Ursula K - A Wizard of Earthsea

MacCaffrey, Anne - The Ship Who Sang

Marsh, Henry - Do No Harm

Ozeki, Ruth - A Tale For a Time Being

Pratchett, Terry - Night Watch

Stoye, John - The Seige of Veinna

Zelazny, Roger - Lord of Light