Emma Newman

Series 3, Episode 8

For today's podcast we travelled to the Edge Lit festival in Derby. One of four recorded at the festival, in this episode we chat to the eminently endearing author, audio narrator and Hugo award winning podcaster, Emma Newman.

We cover Lord of the Rings (and those sequels), Ray Bradbury, accents, Live Action Roleplay and how to record an orgasm for an audio book.

Emma was wonderful company and we honestly could have chatted to her for hours.

Running time: 77.57

Photo: Lou Abercrombie


Asimov, Isaac

Banks, Iain M. - Culture Novels

Blyton, Enid - The Magic Farway Tree

Bradbury, Ray

Carriger, Gail - Soulless

Clarke, Susanna - Jonathan Strange & Mr Norell

Jones, Diana Wynne - Witch Week/Howl's Moving Castle

Newman, Peter - The Vagrant

Ng, Jeannette - Under the Pendulum Sun

Powell, Gareth L. - The Recollection

Reeve, Philip - Mortal Engines

Russell, Mary Doria - The Sparrow

Snodgrass, Melinda

Tchaikovsky, Adrian - Guns of the Dawn/Spiderlight/Children of Time

Toltz, Steve - A Fraction of the Whole

Wells, H. G.

Zelazny, Roger - Amber Books