Halloween Special - Ghost Hunt at The Station Hotel

(With Simone Taylor and David Ball)

Series 2, episode 15

For our Halloween Special we made our way to The Station Hotel in Dudley. Well known locally as a source of paranormal activity, TBF braved the dark and went down into the cellars where, according to legend, a previous landlord of the hotel had murdered and stored the body of a young barmaid he'd been having an affair with.

Luckily for us we were not alone. Simone Taylor and David Ball, Paranormal researchers for nearly 15 years, were there to tell us more.

Full Length: 61.33

The Ouija Board segment of the podcast. Listen at your own risk.

7m 15s

Simone and David's favourite Ghost Stories. Violence contained within.

15m 01s

Simone and David asked that a link to the scientific research group they are members of be put on the website. Click             to find out more.

still functions as a hotel. Should you wish to stay simply head to their website and book a room.

The Station Hotel featured on the tv programme Most Haunted. You can watch the episode          . 

Pictures From the Recording

One of us is taking the conversation seriously...

The 'wrong turn' David and Simone made on their previous visit culminated in this scene.

The room where the Ouija Board was used. Doesn't look as creepy with the lights on.

The table where we recorded the interview itself.

The chair that freaked Tom out, at the back of the picture.