Joanne Harris

Series 3, Episode 5

It's episode 5 and this time me and Gemma were in for a treat as we sat down and spoke with author extraordinaire, Joanne Harris.

 We had to travel all the way over to Moseley (it isn't far), to get to the Pow Wow Festival of Writing at the Prince of Wales pub, where Joanne was the headline act.

We spoke to her about the benefits of social media,  Les Misérables and Marmite.

Running time: 40.32


Aldermann, Naomi - The Power

Bradbury, Ray - Something Wicked This Way Comes

Carroll, Sean - The Particle at the End of the Universe/The Hunt for the Higgs/Discovery of a New World

Fowler, Christopher - Roofworld

Harris, Thomas - The Silence of the Lambs

Hugo, Victor - Lés Miserable

Pergaud, Louis - Le Guerre Des Boutons

Zelazny, Roger - The Chronicles of Amber