Series 1, episode 8


Join us as we interview celebrated children's author Julia Jarman in between performances at the Bournville Bookfest. Due to time constraints there isn't a longer version of the podcast available. Luckily, what we did have time for is podcast gold!

Running time: 33.46

Julia's podcast was recorded at Bourneville College in Birmingham, where Julia was performing as part of the Bournville Bookfest. A link to the Bookfest can be found below. As indicated in the podcast, we didn't have much time to record it.


Alcott, Louisa May - Little Women

Ellis, Samantha - How to be a Heroine

Gaskell, Elizabeth - Mary Barton

Grenville, Kate - The Idea of Perfection; The Secret River

Lurie, Alison - Foreign Affairs

Williams, Raymond - People of the Black Mountain

The Bournville Bookfest website can be found by clicking on the following link.

Julia's son's book, The Three Principles of Outstanding Golf, can be found here.

Details regarding the company that turned Julia's story, Big Red Bath, into a play can be found here. Please be aware, the production has finished and the play is not currently being performed.