Series 1, episode 13


Originally recorded in March as our first ever Skype podcast, we speak to author Kerry Fisher about her literary likes and dislikes. We also find out a bit about her new book, After the Lie.

Running time:  48.29


Angelou, Maya - And Still I Rise (Poem)

Blyton, Enid - Famous Five Series

Bugler, Suzanne - This Perfect World

Fisher, Kerry- After the Lie; The Island Escape; The School Gate Survival Guide

Grey, Iona - Letters to the Lost

Jennings, Amanda - In Her Wake; The Judas Scar

Larsson, Steig - The Girl With the Dragon tattoo

Moyes, Jojo - Anything (Favourite author)

Nicholls, David - One Day

Shaw, George Bernard - Pygmalion

Stockett, Katheryn - The Help