Lewis Coleman

Series 3, Episode 12

For today’s podcast I’m delighted to introduce you all to Mr Lewis Coleman. I’ve known Lewis for quite a long time, though before this recording I hadn’t seen him in a number of years. Lewis is…pretty amazing. He’s an author (as we discuss), a playwright, an actor, he set up a theatre production company in Burnham-on-Sea, he’s a carer for people with autism, he’s travelled extensively, with more travelling planned, and he’s a recovering alcoholic.

In an unexpected TBF twist, the interview was largely unscripted, though in expected TBF fashion, technical difficulties (I forgot to press record) meant we had to record parts of it twice. Lewis was kind enough to travel up from Burnham (on sea) for the interview, which I started by asking him to tell me a bit about his book, Drinking the Moon.

Running time: 29.12