Series 1, episode 2


Author Liz Tipping joins us for our second TBF podcast. She discusses why she loves Joey Essex, why she hates the term guilty pleasure and how much she loves Marian Keyes.

Apologies for the poor volume level at times. Dictaphone issues.

Running time: 47.47

During the episode I spoke about a book by Joan Collins with a reference to Kanye West in it. I was mistaken, the book was by Joan Rivers and it's called Diary of a Mad Diva. 


Bob, Jim

Essex, Joey

Gayle, Mike

Haig, Francesca

Kelk, Lindsey

Keyes, Marian

Keyes, Marian

Mitchell, David

Tipping, Liz

Driving Jarvis Ham

Being Reem

Turning Forty

The Fire Sermon

I Heart New York

This Charming Man

Rachel's Holiday

Cloud Atlas

Five Go Glamping