Series 1, episode 5 The Podcast Fights Back


In this special, feature length episode, we talk to Mark Newbold, writer and co owner of, the biggest Star Wars news site in the United Kingdom. Here at ThankBookFor we're all about stories, and there can be no doubting the impact that the story of Star Wars has had on modern society.

Running time: 57.40

WARNING The podcast does contain a Force Awakens spoiler. The time of the spoiler is given in the intro, but it's about 33 minutes 30 seconds in and lasts for about a minute.

During the podcast I mentioned Natalie Hines, a guest on Robin Ince and Josie Long's Bookshambles podcast. Her actual name is Natalie Haynes.

Just in case you're looking at this page before listening to the podcast, SPOILER ALERT, there are some The Force Awakens plot reveals. 33 minutes and 30 seconds into the podcast, for about a minute, and then at the 45 minutes mark, again for about a minute. Avoid these 2 minutes to avoid the spoilers.

We recorded the podcast in Mark's kitchen. Around 56 minutes into the podcast Mark's fridge freezer can be heard doing whatever it is that fridge freezers do when they start making the sound that can be heard at around the 56 minute point. Presumably fridging and freezing.


Adams, Douglas - Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy

Daley, Bryan - Han Solo Novels

Foley, Mick - Have a Nice Day: A Tale of Blood and Sweatsocks

Foster, Alan Dean - Splinter of the Mind's Eye; The Force Awakens Novelization

Nuts Magazine

Miller, Frank - Sin City Comic

Milne, Larry - Ghostbusters Novelization

Thomas, Roy  (Edited/Scripted by) - Star Wars Weekly #6

Mark's Loft

Mark was kind enough to show us his loft. Unfortunately, we couldn't see it because of all the Star Wars paraphernalia.