Series 1, episode 16

The final episode of the series is here and this week we're at Harborne Library to welcome best selling author Mike Gayle to the podcast.

We chat about Mike's time in the biz, how things have changed, and find out exactly what he thinks of The Martian.

Running time: 53.30

A big shout out to Margaret Hunt and Gay Carter at Harborne library for being so flexible with us. We had to cancel Mike's podcast recording a couple of times but Margaret was great about it. Then when we finally did make it, Gay was great and made us feel right at home. Which we kinD of were because, you know, it's a library.


Bronte, Emily - Wuthering Heights

Chandler, Raymond - The Big Sleep

Dickins, Charles - Tale of Two Cities

Downham, Jenny - Before I Die

Gayle, Mike - My Legendary Girlfriend; The Hope Family Calendar

Grogan, Claire - Altered Images

Hardy, Thomas - Tess of the D'Urbervilles

James, Clive - Unreliable Memoirs

Swanson, Peter - The Kind Worth Killing

Weir, Andy - The Martian

Wells, H.G. - Wheels of Chance