RJ Barker

Series 3, Episode 11

Another podcast recorded at the Derby Edge Lit event in July earlier this year, welcome to the world of the amazing RJ Barker.

RJ is quite special. He's at once the most softly spoken individual in the room, and the loudest. When he was offered a list of the questions we'd be asking him before the interview, so he could prepare, he declined, saying that was cheating. 

Join us for a huge Lord of the Rings reveal, namely that of Gollum's first name, and discover Pokemon characters you never knew existed.

Running time: 68.20


Adams, Richard - Watership Down

Aryan, Steve - Chaos Mage

Banks, Iain M. - Consider Phelbas/Excession/Look to Windward

Cornwell, Bernard - Excalibur

Crais, Robert - L.A. Requiem

Goldman, William - The Princess Bride

Herron Mick - Slow Horses

O'Brien, Patrick - HMS Surprise

Parker, Robert B. - Spenser series