ThankBookFor: There's a New Show in Town

Happy New Year y’all.

A bit late, I know.

I hope everybody had a suitably merry festive period, followed by a drink fuelled (alcoholic or non) celebration of the end of THAT YEAR, swiftly proceeded by the sobering realisation that the holidays are pretty much over now and it’s back to the grindstone for most of us.

I did.

However, I bear news that may make the grindstone less…grindy???

Remember in the last blog post how we told you that TBF was getting its own radio show? Well, finally, the time is here and we’re ready to broadcast.

On 101.8FM, between the hour of 00.00 and 01.00, every Wednesday night (read Thursday morning), in and around Wolverhampton, TBF will be live (not live) on air.

It’s on Wolverhampton Community Radio, a station based in and broadcasting to the city of Wolverhampton, though with online and listen again capability.

We’ll be doing some vaguely similar things to the podcasts, playing parts of them on air at times, but there’s going to be more. Much more.

A weekly(possibly) section on libraries, a film review bit, an Author on Author Focus (First week is Steve Aryan talking about Jim Butcher), giveaways, my dulcet tones…. Oh, and music. I get to choose what music I play. This fact has me VERY excited.

The pilot show, which will be broadcast this Wednesday evening, 4th January (MY BIRTHDAY) at midnight (okay, so it’s really Thursday 5th, but screw you!) starts with the song that was played for our first dance at my wedding. It’s only bloody Queens of the Stone Age, Make It wit Chu! And you didn’t think I could get any cooler!

We also speak to our very own Gemma Todd, about the impending release of her book, Defender. I’m not sure if you were all aware of Gemma and her book, it’s not something we’ve been pushing at every available opportunity, but it’s true: she’s a bona fide author and her debut novel, which is bloody excellent by the way, is out in less than 10 days. You can order a copy here.

I talk a little bit about what it’s like to work on a Mobile Library, I wax lyrical about how good the songs I’ve chosen are, several times, because they are, and generally just have a bit of fun. So, if you find yourself down at that grindstone on Thursday morning and you’re looking for something to cheer you up a bit, head here and download The ThankBookFor Hour.

The music is great.

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