ThankBookFor: Over and Out

Hi folks. Just a very quick blog post.

After 6 months and 22 shows, I’ve decided to knock my radio show, Bissell on Books, on the head. Before I say anything else I’d like to thank Jason Forest, Andy Walters and everyone at Wolverhampton Community Radio for giving me airtime and helping me when I asked another ‘how do I?’ question. It’s a great place and they’re a great bunch of people.

It’s been a wonderful experience, and I’ve really enjoyed it, but it’s been very time intensive and, with a busy family life too, I just don’t have that time to give. The relief I’ve felt at making the decision is a clear indicator that it’s the right call to make.

Thank you to everyone who listened and contributed, I’ve appreciated the feedback and interaction.

So, what next for ThankBookFor? Well, the third series is in it’s infancy (4 episodes to date), but I’ve got several interviews recorded and ready to release. There’s also the Journey of a Book series which I’m getting nearer to completing. Onwards and upwards then, at my own, more leisurely pace.

Until next time, read to yourselves…..and each other.

(Here's a picture of a beach)

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