Salutations everyone, how are you all? Well rested, and well read I hope.

Just a short post, but one filled with exciting news. I bring you tidings of an event. A Special Event. Some might even go so far as to call it a Launch.

And those people would be right, because that’s exactly what it is.

At 6.30PM on Wednesday the 4th October, at Birmingham Waterstones, I’ll be hosting the launch of Stephen Aryan’s latest book, Mageborn. You may remember Steve from the first series of TBF podcasts (episode 11 to be precise (, or from the Aryan on Comics section of the radio show. Or (guffaw) you may even know him organically, in a way that has nothing to do with TBF at all.

Either way, he’s a great guy and, perhaps more importantly, a great writer, so you should make the time to come and see him. And me. And also, as a special bonus, Age of Assassins author RJ Barker too. We’ll be discussing the role of magic in the fantasy genre, as well as playing a game that listeners to the podcast will already be familiar with. RJ insisted. Steve will also be signing copies of his book for anyone who’s interested at the end of the event.

You could just look up, but on the off chance you’re as lazy as I am, here's those details again. It’s at Birmingham Waterstones, it’s Wednesday 4th October, and it’s a 6.30PM start. You can reserve a seat (they’re free, but they’re limited, so do it now) by tweeting @bhamwaterstones, by phoning 01216334353, or by emailing Do it.


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