Series 1, episode 11


Fantasy author Stephen Aryan joins us for a chat about books, agents and writing styles. He also tells us whether he's an architect or a gardener, and how to kill Robocop.

Running time: 59.37

Steve was kind enough to travel to my house for the podcast. Though we recorded it in my dining room, at one point you can clearly hear a plane flying overhead. 


Aryan, Steve - Battlemage; Bloodmage

Bell, Alden - The Reapers are the Angels; Exit Kingdom

Briggs, Patricia - Mercedes Thompson Series

Butcher, Jim - Dresden Files

Dick, Philip K. - We Can Remember It For You Wholesale (Total Recall)

Gaiman, Neil - American Gods; The Graveyard Book

Gemmell, David -  *Author of Influence for Steve*

Griffin, Kate - Matthew Swift Series; Magicals Anonymous Series

Herbert, Frank - Dune

Hobb, Robin - Farseer Series

Huff, Tanya - Blood Books

King, Stephen - The Green Mile; Insomnia

Koontz, Dean - Odd Thomas Series, Frankenstein Series

North, Clare - First Fifteen Lives of Harry August; Touch

Tolkien, J.R.R. - The Hobbit




Haun, Jeremy + Hurley, Jason A. - Beauty