The Pub Club Writing Group Podcast

Series 2, episode 14

The Pub Club writing group, based on Solihull, were kind enough to invite ThankBookFor to two of their meetings. The first one took place in a pub and we went along to get to know them a little and find about more about how they operate. Then for the second meeting, during which we recorded the podcast you're about to hear, we went to author Deborah Install's house where it was a little bit quieter.

We had a great time and met some lovely people in the process.

From left to right, back row first: Ray Bradnock, Peter Haynes, Peter Musham, Dennis Zaslona, Sarah Head, Carla Devereux, Deborah Install and Liz Xifaras

The Pub Club writing group is an off shoot of Solihull Writers. There's a website where you can check out work from both groups and find out more about what goes on, as well as purchase a copy of their very own anthology of work.

Head to                                      to check it out.

In addition to the work showcased on the website, some of the members have other material out there. Follow the

links to hear more.

Dennis Zaslona has a new book out


You can also hear the short story he had read out on Brum Radio, called


Peter Haynes has his own

You can follow him on 


I would highly recommend Deborah Install's wonderful book

Then follow her on

to tell her how much you liked it.

Check out her

to find out more about her.

Liz Xifaras had a fantastically creepy short story called

recorded for an audio anthology by Remastered Words. It's well worth a listen. 

Full Length: 56.42